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My mom really knows how to hurt me.

I told her that I wanted to move out, and we were having a nice conversation about it...until the point that she told me that she would not come visit if I was in a relationship....because she's afraid that I'll get AIDS. Like even dating a guy can cause it.

She is so ignorant about the whole situation, and so paranoid for no reason, but I know that nothing I say will make it better.

I just want to run away today.

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I have had enough.

I am tired of being treated like I'm second rate.

I yelled at my friend Jacobe for it, and I stopped talking to Chris because of it. When we were dating, he was all about his friends and they always came first. Then, once I was his friend, his priorities shifted to the boyfriend that lasted a week. I'm sorry, but for all I have done for him and for all we have been through, I deserve more than that.

There is a fantastic guy in my life right now. He is everything I could ask for, and he likes me just as I am. The only problem is that he lives on the other side of the continent.

I have finally come to the conclusion that if you want a happy ending, you have to go out and get it yourself. So I plan to.

Starting now, I am extremely cutting down on my spending and trying to find an apartment (I'm going to see one tomorrow, actually). I need to get myself together before I go moving myself across country.

I did talk to Nick about this, and he expects to be kept updated lol

My new mantra: W.W.G.M.T.A. (What will get me to Arizona?)

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Tonight was an amazing night.

I haven't had a night like tonight in at least a year.

I needed tonight.

My friend Nick flew in from Arizona. Now, I have known him for three or four years, but this is the first time we have met face to face. He's just as gorgeous in person as he is in his pictures (even though he doesn't want to admit it). We met up at Red Robin for a nice dinner. We just caught up on what has been going on in our lives, and what are goals are and what we want to do with our lives.

Then we headed up to EJ Thomas Hall to see the Last Comic Standing finalists perform. That was definitely a treat. We went out at intermission to meet them, and I tried to get an autograph, but they aren't allowed to do that apparently...bitches! Oh, and two old ladies definitely tried to sneak in the men's restroom, but they soon realized the error of their ways.

Afterward, we went for drinks at Starbucks, and then back to his place for a movie and a cuddle...and some kisses lol It was a very amazing moment....one that I could not have drempt of being any bettter. At one point in the movie, when Jane is getting married to Kevin, he looks at her and asks if this is everything she has ever wanted. She says no, that it's more so. Nick was looking at me, and he asked me the same question....I just smiled and said "Just about." I couldn't help but smile :)

So, he drove me back to my car, holding my hand as we drove. And we kissed goodnight. :)

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I know I need to post about the rest of my Halloween Trip, but I need to take a moment to record that I just watched Barack Obama become president-elect of the United States of America.

What a ways we have traveled! :)

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So, I meant to type this up yesterday, but I was horribly distracted by Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. So here is my Day Three update on my trip:

Everything started out just fine and dandy with my first flight and the connecting one. I got there early, and found out that my connecting flight was right across the way from where I got in (which is apparently a nice change from what most people experience: having to immediately run from one end to the other with just enough time left to get on the plane). I had three hours to kill, so I found another flight that left earlier, and got on that. I sat across the way from this amazingly hot businessman....I really wanted to have him make me a part of the mile high club!

So, I get on the plane and sit down next to this nice lady named Mary.....and then this bitch trips and spills coffee on my pants, my shirt, and MY TOP HAT! I was soooo damn pissed, but I couldn't even say anything right away. I cleaned it off as best as I could though, which no one could even see it when I was done. The plane ride was nice, and we got in about a half hour early again. So I got into LA at 11:20 something instead of 1:10pm. Then the waiting game began because my friend Chris was stuck in traffic, and then Jackie and JJ started to come out, and then Chris wasn't in traffic, and then he went to the sushi restaurant ahead of us, and then we tried to get to it, and then it turned out to be closed and we were going the wrong way. So we turned around and met him at a different sushi place. It was so terribly cute and off the beaten path.

Sushi was amazing (I had teriyaki filet mingon sushi roll that was quite delicious!) and it was so nice to see Chris again. So Jackie went to take JJ home and I went to hang out with Chris some before the concert. We got there right on time, but Jackie called and said she was stuck in traffic :( I went to get my ticket and everything, and found out who I needed to tak to to get backstage to the meet and greet. I let them know that Jackie was coming, but was stuck in traffic, and they said that they would let her in once she arrived. We were escorted up to the front porch to wait for them, and Jackie still had not arrived. Then the band came out, and Jackie still had not arrived, but she was closer. So, I started talking to the band and showing them my Snake on a Plane that they loved :) Jackie finally showed up and got in (with my connections) and we chatted with Gabe a bit (he high-fived me for my snake :) )

The concert was absolutely wondorus! The first band sucked, the second band rocked, the third one sucked as well (except for when they did a cover of the Men in Black Theme), and the last was Cobra Starship, so of course they rocked! Oh, and guess who was there..........Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson!!!!!! They were up in the balcony, but we totally got a pic of them. I was pretty much drunk off my ass and on my way to being deaf, but that was such an amazing day!

So, the next day, we woke up and took our time getting ready and such...then went down to pick up JJ (in costume, of course) and then went to Little Tokyo to this really fun Japanese bookstore where I picked up this cool Bizenghast book thingy. After, we went to this place called Pinkberry. For all of you East Coasters, it is an amazing berry flavored frozen yogurt place. It's all the rage here in Cali. I think the cute guy at the counter was hitting on me (he told me that my card had a hold on it, and then said he was just kidding) I looked at him and said, "Just because you're cute, don't think you can get away with that shit." He definitely smiled a bit :)

Then, it was on to the West Hollywould Halloween Carnival. It was huge! We walked all around, looking at all the hot guys and girlies, took many pictures of them, and eventually left. It took us over two hours to get out of LA it was sooo damn packed around there!

It has been so much fun so far (except for the fact that Jackie's internet connection hates me :( I am so looking forward to seeing my family tonight!

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Let Me Fly
We have to ask: What are you going to be for Halloween this year? And can we see a picture?
This year I am going to be the Mad Hatter for 'Alice in Wonderland.' I shall posts a picture after I takes one!

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That's right, lads and lasses, this happy homo is off to the West Coast! The next time you hear from me, I will either be bored out of my mind in Atlanta, or rockin' it out in LA!


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I went to see The Laramie Project tonight with Kevin, and it was as emotional as the last time I saw it...I forgot it would be so emotional. As you read this, just take a moment and reflect on the death of Matthew Shepard, or Matt to the ones who knew him, and all of the good that has come from that tragedy.

Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998)

God Bless You All.

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I know that it has been quite a long time since anyone has seen hide nor hair or me, but I'm back everyone! Unfortunately, my first post is anything but exciting or terribly upbeat. It's just going to be a general update about my life and what is going on.

 - I am working at Akron City Hospital as an Express Transporter. All that means is that I move people from room to room, or room to test, etc. I've been there a year now, but I'm feeling the urge to move on to something else. Most of the people I work with can be terribly childish, I'm not particularly fond of my boss (or even how the department is run), and I just really want something less stressful.

 - I am not currently in school. I just don't think that forensic psychology will be a smart area for me to put all of my focus....so I am trying to write a book. It is based on my friends and I and will be a mix between Chronicles of Narnia and X-Men. I'm about 5 chapters into it, and I'm hoping to tighten it up and start sending it out to see if anyone wants to pay me to write it lol

 - As far as a romantic life goes, I have none. There are guys that I am interested in, but I'm not sure if anything will come of any of them:

     - Bachelor #1 is a doctor (well, training to be a doctor) who found me through MySpace. We had been having very nice conversations...except when I would bring up the idea of talking over the phone or meeting up....then he wouldn't respond for a day or two (and even then, he didn't reply to the email, he just started a new conversation). I haven't heard from him for probably a month.

     - Bachelor #2 is a coworker who is absolutely gorgeous. I finally got the courage up to ask him out for coffee.....and I find out that he has a boyfriend...of 4 years. The worst part is that he even told me that I'm his type.

     - Bachelor #3 just moved to Akron and is a great guy. The last time we hung out, I even shared a lovely kiss with him. Unfortunately, he works days and I nights, so we rarely have the time to hang out. I'm really hoping that we are able to work something out. He's terrible at responding to texts and phone calls though -.-

So, that's really the jist of things. I am heading out to LA for Halloween, but that's for another post. Have a good night :)

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The quote in my title was spoken by a conservative Christian on the FOX news network, which is known for being uber conservative. This might strike you as very unusual, but not until you know who that quote was directed at: Rev. Fred Phelps. If you don't know about him, he is the man know for protesting outside the funeral of Matthew Shepard. He has a website called godhatsfags.com. Now he is out against America. He says that the troops are being killed because God hates America and that America is being run by homosexuals. He has become so bigoted, that Christians are now rallying against him. I know that they aren't against him for the same reasons that homosexuals are, but it's still nice to know that they don't accept him. I also found out that almost all of his congregation consists of his family, so it's not like he has "actual" followers. Almost everyone of his family members has had this bigotry and hatred beat into them since he has preached it. He's just a sad old man who doesn't know any better and doesn't want to. I really want to stand outside his funeral with a sign...who's with me?

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